About Cushette

I was on the hunt for a generous-sized handbag that made me look chic and effortless. Come to find out that was very hard to find, and I resorted to using a basic leather bag that looked like what every other woman was carrying. As someone who loves fashion and has always had a distinct style, looking like everyone else wasn't going to cut it. 

One day I was leafing through a coffee table book featuring celebrities' homes and spotted a leopard-printed handbag lying on the ground of a home office and fell instantly in love. After searching high and low for said bag (without success) I decided that I must use this bag as an inspiration and design my own. I wanted a simple silhouette in a fabulous material with a really cool handle that you wouldn't see anywhere else. 

After destroying many leather handbags from water damage, I knew I wanted my handbag to be made from an alternative material, that was both vegan and cruelty-free. I love fabric that has texture but wasn't too sure how it would hold up to the demands of everyday life. I had a prototype created from a fabric I fell madly in love with, used it everywhere I went, and realized that it wore better than any leather handbag ever could. 

The Jane's D-shaped handle was another "must" in my eyes. I love to have the option of holding a bag, rather than having to always throw it over my shoulder. To me, it looks more sophisticated. I designed the handle I wanted, and after numerous iterations, I landed on one that I loved and had it manufactured. That being said, I do recognize that customers do want the option to be hands-free, so the Jane also comes with a detachable strap. 

What I love most about this style is that it can fit almost anything inside, all while still looking polished and pulled together. The luxurious fabric is eye-catching all while being a workhorse. It is never precious but always coveted.

I hope you enjoy reaching for your Cushette as much as I do. 

                                                       - Catherine 

Cushette founder, Catherine McCavanagh